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Love Leaving Lockdown Virtual Market

This weekend you can find Tree House Design at the Handmade Hour Love Leaving Lockdown Virtual Market in association with Peddle UK and hosted by Tresstle.

This is my first Online Market, the first of many hopefully, and although it’s not quite the same as an ‘in person’ event, I’m really looking forward to it!

One of the best things about a market is the sense of community between the other stallholders. It’s lovely to say hello, have a look at the amazing things to buy and marvel at some of the talent out there.

It’s also, of course, a chance to meet lots of fabulous customers and for them to put a face to the Tree House Design name. I’m quite often asked about how I’ve made something or what the inspiration was and this usually leads to all sorts of interesting conversations while they check out what’s for sale!

The good news is that all this still takes place online – I’ve been chatting to some fellow stallholders online already and customers can DM me on Instagram or email me from the website if they want any information or have any questions or if they just want to say Hi!

Not to mention that it’s still quite nice to be able to go shopping from home while you’re cozy on the sofa with a nice cup of something 🙂

So, pop along and have a look. May be you’ll find something you need or may be you’ll just find something that makes you happy. Either way by shopping small you’ll be helping to support a small creative business and that’s something that puts a big smile on all our faces.

The Market runs from 26th – 27th June 2021.

Happy New Lockdown!

So here we go, the long-awaited New Year and straight into Lockdown Number 3.

A bit disappointing may be, but not really unexpected. It’s definitely feeling harder this time though because, let’s face it, everyone is totally fed up with the whole situation and we still have several months to go yet.

But we’re keeping going of course (with Gin and chocolate!). The Tree House monkeys are working hard with online school and college and we’re very grateful to be able to escape to Bushy Park for a bit of peace and quiet (although it is a bit like a flooded bog at the moment).

Bushy Park Lido for Dogs

The Art of Keeping Going

One thing I have been struggling with is feeling creative. It’s sometimes difficult to find inspiration when every day feels like Groundhog Day and we can’t go anywhere or do anything, except walking … and there’s been A LOT of that!

So, with the start of the New Year and the thought of a long, slow January I formed a cunning plan about how I could get myself motivated again.

Treehousedesign recommended reading of Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert

The first thing I wanted to return to was ‘Big Magic’ by Elizabeth Gilbert. I read this a couple of years ago and I love it. It’s a great reminder to open your mind and allow yourself to be curious, have fun, work alongside your fear, listen to those ideas that are floating around and go for it. So this was my first book of 2021.

I also love making a good list or five as it really clears my mind and wanted to make a note of everything we’d done last year, so I felt ready to move on.

Now with the whole pandemic malarkey, I didn’t think we’d really achieved an awful lot, so it was quite a surprise when I started looking back over my year of photographs. Turns out we’d had quite a lot of fun. We’d tried some new things and when we were allowed, we’d visited a few new places .. and we’re all still talking to each other too!

It made me realise that last year was not a wasted year after all, to remember what’s really important (keeping friends and family safe) and to appreciate the little things in life (like learning how to make shed loads of pasta).

Watercolour painting by Treehousedesign showing things to do in January

Another list was ‘Things to achieve in January’, which I painted so I had a visual reminder to keep front and centre on my desk.

I don’t make resolutions at New Year. I prefer to give myself monthly challenges and January’s was to create something every day as another way to keep me motivated.

As this was an exercise to encourage my creativity, I didn’t put any pressure on myself – why would I want to do that?! I wanted to keep it fun, so I didn’t have to finish something every day, I just had to work on something every day.

I had a great time experimenting with new paints, learning different techniques and beginning a brand new craft – Punch Needle. This has given me an idea for some new products for Tree House Design and I’ve ordered lots of lovely yarns to get started.

I also finished off my A-Z letters, which I’ll be making into cards.

This has also, of course, been a time to think about work stuff and on that list it says ‘For goodness sake, start your blog!’, which I have so I can tick that off now … love ticking things off!

Our first Craft Fair Sale .. done!!

And we are up and running!

Thank you so much for all your kind good luck wishes, positive oooohs and aaaahs and our very first Tree House Design sales. We cannot thank you enough, can’t wait to do it again!

On that note, just heard we’ve secured the last stall at St Michael’s Fulwell Christmas craft evening on Sat 8/12 5-8pm.

So if you missed out earlier in the week, come and join us for a mooch and a chat